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Who we are

Harmonium Manufacturing is our family business. It was started by my Grandfather (Shri. Pyare Lal). He started in this industry as a worker. After working for 10 years in Bina Enterprise, he started His own harmonium Manufacturing Workshop.

Approximately for 35 years, my Grandfather supplied Harmonium to Delhi’s retailers and my father is doing the same since the last 26 years.

Every Shopkeeper / Retailer has trust in us therefore they never felt anxiety while purchasing our product.

In the Journey of 51 years, we haven’t been given any chance to complain and we will maintain it for sure.

Why Shramya?

  • We provide fully Eco-friendly products.

  • Every single instrument is tuned by a Specialist.

  •  All workers are experienced nad efficient who prevent wastage to be eco-friendly and maintain a high quality.

 Join our musical family by purchasing musical equipment from us. Contact us to learn more.

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